7 Important Things To Do Before the Cisco CCNA

If you’re thinking about the  CCNA certification  Cisco CCNA as your next certification, you may need to recognize what you ought to be focusing on earlier than you sit for the exam. In this newsletter, I cover seven belongings you ought to recollect doing before you’re taking the plunge and sit to your Cisco CCNA certification.

What ought to you do before the CCNA? Before taking the Cisco CCNA certification, test takers must establish their fundamental networking information, build palms-on revel in via a spread of codecs, and familiarize themselves with more superior network configuration options.
Let’s bounce in and examine what you could do before your CCNA examination.

1. Take a simple networking route
If you’re simply beginning out in IT or cybersecurity and you don’t have any actual expertise or enjoy but, one among your first steps need to be to start constructing basic networking knowledge (my Intro to Networking route can assist).

Some people who have their sights set on the CCNA soar quick into the more advanced fabric on the exam or jump into operating with the device quite quick, which could create a state of affairs wherein the person is working with networking era but doesn’t understand the simple basis of what they’re clearly running with (examine my article right here about how difficult the CCNA actually is).

If you’re in reality new to the field and don’t have any networking knowledge in any respect, consider first taking a networking fundamentals course. You should truely keep in mind this in case you’re looking to study the CCNA for your very own. I’ve located it to be quite powerful to run human beings via the fundamentals of networking first with the intention to decide their hobby and aptitude for the subject earlier than having them jump into the CCNA content material. This also enables me as their instructor to get them palms-on with gadget quickly, once we get into the CCNA cloth.
Now it’s far true that the reliable CCNA curriculum does consist of simple networking content material, however it also gets arms on quite quick, that is why taking a fundamental networking direction first can be beneficial if you’re studying to your personal with out the benefit of get admission to to an teacher.

2. Consider Taking the CompTIA Network+ First
I’ve mentioned the similarities between the Cisco CCNA and the CompTIA Network+ before, and have located that if you have a preference between the two, the general public might advantage from taking the Network+ first (see my article here approximately why you need to take the Network+ before CCNA).

If you haven’t earned your CompTIA Network+ but, and you are interested in both of these certifications, one choice in order to take into account earlier than you’re taking the CCNA would be to as a substitute put together for and sit for the Network+. The Network+ examination would require less practise, look at, and arms-on revel in, and therefore may be earned extra quick than the CCNA (here’s why the Network+ is really worth it). And the Network+ is well diagnosed by means of employers as properly.

3. Download Packet Tracer from Cisco’s netacad.Com Site
If you’re taking an reputable CCNA path with an instructor, your instructor can also already have you working with Cisco’s Packet Tracer software to finish labs related to the route material.
However, if you’re self-reading for the CCNA, and in particular in case you don’t have get right of entry to to real device, one aspect to do earlier than taking the CCNA could be to down load Packet Tracer software program and practice running with the digital device inside the software.

Packet Tracer is a proprietary network simulation software developed and maintained by Cisco this is designed to help CCNA test takers paintings thru labs related to the CCNA fabric. Cisco makes the Packet Tracer application to be had to every person for free at their site netacad.Com (You will have to create an account and jump via some hoops, but you’ll nonetheless be able to download it.) Here are a while-saving hints for the use of Packet Tracer.

Packet Tracer has some limitations, but for the CCNA, it’s far a quite appropriate device to practice working with Cisco instructions and configurations that you can see at the exam, and it offers a brief manner to mock up a community topology and attempt out a configuration, which might be a lot more concerned with actual equipment.

4. Set Up a Wifi Network
Another thing that I advise test takers do before sitting for the CCNA is to spend some time configuring an actual home or small-workplace wireless community. Modern wireless routers are inexpensive, with ease to be had, and feature an incredible quantity of networking protocols and options constructed in that you may exercise working with.
For instance, most wi-fi devices have switch ports, routing, NAT, DHCP, firewall, encryption, VLANs, and plenty of different functions already built in. Working with this kind of gadgets, although it’s not Cisco, is a incredible way to reinforce what you’ve discovered to your CCNA preparation, multi function device. No other device this is blanketed intensive on the CCNA can offer a lot range.

Five. Complete Lots of Labs
If you’ve been following alongside to date, you’ve already downloaded Packet Tracer and gotten palms on with real Wi-Fi system. Now which you’ve downloaded Packet Tracer, a first rate next step is to go through labs for the CCNA.

If you’re taking an actual CCNA route, you already have get entry to to dozens of step-by-step labs that you may and need to do. If you’re not taking a CCNA direction, you can still find masses of CCNA associated labs on line via doing a basic net search.

At this stage in your instruction for the CCNA, operating through actual labs will provide you with a ramification of reports so that it will help put together you for anything that the real CCNA examination might throw at you. Don’t make the mistake of finishing a video route or studying a CCNA textbook but skimping at the time you spend running with labs, because this may be one of the exceptional approaches so that you can toughen your CCNA networking knowledge.

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