What is PAT?

Pennsylvania Teleclaims (PAT) is the department’s 寵物移民美國邊間好 telephone claim filing system. The toll-unfastened range is 888-255-4728.

If you’ve got get admission to to a hint-tone or pay contact-tone smartphone, or a hint/pulse switchable telephone, name PAT to record your biweekly declare for UC benefits. You do not need to have a hint-tone service to apply PAT. All this is vital is a push-button phone with a TONE/PULSE switch. After PAT solutions your call, make certain to set the transfer to “TONE.”

If you need the assist of an interpreter, please touch the UC Service Center.

When submitting your claim using the PAT gadget, you will now not be asked to provide your weekly profits. Instead, UC Customer Service group of workers will name you to accumulate your weekly income records. As a end result, claims filed using PAT may also require UC Customer Service Center workforce evaluate and won’t be paid mechanically.


PAT Hours of Operation

PAT offerings are available Sunday via Saturday 24 hours an afternoon.

*PAT is available on all holidays.

If you get a hectic signal, please attempt once more.

Claims filed Sunday will not be paid quicker than the ones filed on Monday. Claims filed on Sunday and Monday are processed Monday night. Avoid the Sunday rush, for equal-day processing, document the PAT claim on Monday.

Filing a Weekly or Biweekly Claim
PAT will begin with the aid of asking if your cope with has modified and in case you want to file for the week exact. In addition, PAT will ask you questions concerning any work done, if any excursion pay or excursion pay changed into precise for that week and if you were capable and available for work. You will solution each query via urgent “1” for “sure” and “2” for “no” for your smartphone keypad.

View a listing of the PAT questions.

PAT will tell you that your claim has been generic or that your solutions had been saved. If you meet all eligibility requirements, your claim can be processed without delay.


What’s Needed When Calling PAT
You will need the following while calling PAT to record a biweekly declare for blessings:

access to a touch-tone phone or a push-button smartphone with a tone-pulse transfer;
your Social Security wide variety;
your PIN (personal identity range);
a pen and paper to observe crucial facts.

How Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) Works: You need to use your PIN to say UC benefits through PAT. Your PIN and Social Security Number discover you when you call. Your PIN protects you from every other character looking to declare your benefits or someone else acquiring records approximately your declare. Your PIN has the same prison authority as your signature. Do NOT deliver your PIN to anyone. Do now not lose the report containing your PIN.

Important: If you suspect someone else is aware of your PIN, name PAT to exchange your PIN without delay. (The PIN trade characteristic is to be had under both the benefit price and the claims submitting options.) If you have got forgotten your PIN, call the UC Service Center to request a brand new PIN be mailed to you.


Pennsylvania Teleclaims-PAT Directory
Pennsylvania Teleclaims (PAT) is an automatic self-service system used by people with get right of entry to to a touch-tone phone to file weekly or biweekly UC claims, get entry to specific gain charge facts, or learn about the commonwealth’s UC program, without the intervention of an agent.

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