Why we love Squale – dive watches with heritage

You might also realize  Swiss made dive watches  Amsterdam Watch Company in most cases from our antique watches. And you will be proper! But we carry a totally small selection of latest watches, from brands we sense a sturdy connection to. Squale is one in every of them, and in this newsletter we would love to percentage with you some of motives why we adore the fabled dive watch brand so much.
By Thomas van Straaten at the 22th of June 2021
A emblem with background
As an eye lover, you in all likelihood agree that an eye is set lots extra than its technical specs. It is not just a steel device that tells you what time it is. A correct watch triggers an emotional response. It comes with a completely unique set of institutions and connotations. It brings you again to bygone ages. It puts a grin on your face.

Brand historical past is a important part of this intangible side of an eye. If an eye comes with a unique tale, preferably achieving returned several decades, containing a few captivating milestones, it provides to
its cutting-edge-day appeal. It makes you sense a part of something bigger than yourself. Something larger than the quick-intake lifestyles we are able to all get so ill of at instances.

So how about the records of the brand Squale? Well…there’s a severe chew of history there! Let’s get into it! Or must we are saying: allow’s dive in?

Charles von Büren in the 1950’s


The Ocean blue, polished Ref. 1521

Case maker to the celebs
The tale begins in 1946 whilst jet-set entrepreneur Charles von Buren (you could nevertheless spot the ‘Von B’ icon in Squale’s logo) saw capability in the fast growing international of leisure and expert diving. In the ones days, it changed into uncommon for watch brands to supply watches from begin to finish, so Von Buren decided to focus on watch cases for dive watches.

His cases had been famously used by manufacturers including Heuer and Doxa. But possibly the most iconic watch to function a Squale case become the Bund Fifty Fathoms, a Mil-spec dive watch by way of Blancpain. Look closely, you’ll see that its case is sort of same to the contemporary-day Squale ref. 1521, generally called the 50 Atmos.

“Perhaps the maximum iconic watch to characteristic a Squale case became the Bund Fifty Fathoms, a Mil-spec dive watch by means of Blancpain.”
It became common exercise to mention the case maker at the dial. So a Spirotechnique dive watch might have its own logo at twelve o’clock and a Squale brand at six o’clock. Squale lovingly can pay tribute to its roots by providing double logos on its current day watches. This time round, it’s far each Squale as the case maker and Squale because the watch emblem.

Blancpain Fifty-Fathoms in Squale case

Squale Matic Dark Blue in action

Early Squale watches
In the sixties and seventies, Squale launched its very own entire watches. The famous 1521, 2002 and Master were all evolved in this era. Note that Squale was very early to the party, for the reason that dive watch as we understand it today become simplest introduced in the 1950s.

You might not discover a Squale watch at a primary avenue jeweler in those days. These have been specialist diving tools, that you might buy at a expert diving substances keep.

In 1967 and 1970, new diving depth statistics had been set by Enrico Maiorca and Jacques Mayol. Both were carrying Squale dive watches on their adventures. So sure, we’re precise on the road credibility side right here! And you recognize what? A contemporary Squale still very much gives off that artful Riviera aquatic lifestyle vibe. Just add a linen blouse, a few loafers and a Riva yacht. Then strap on a few Scuba equipment and explore the crystal clear turquoise waters.

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